Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How much I've changed

This is the first week in The Gambia...
This is the last week!
Its so sad to be leaving! I am very grateful for my time here, and the people who have touched my life in so many ways. But I am glad to go home and see my family and friends!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Farewell Party

On Saturday, we had a party to celebrate the end of our time in The Gambia. There was lots of food and a live band. All of our friends from the neighborhood and our classes came to the party.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Tobaski is a Muslim holiday that celebrates Abraham's faith in God. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son on God's command. At the last moment, God switched Abraham's son with a ram. Thus, Muslims worldwide commemorate this event by slaughtering a ram and feasting for three days. I had a new outfit made for the occasion.

Thanksgiving in The Gambia

This Thanksgiving, we celebrated on the beach! Later, we shared a turkey dinner with our Gambian friends and gathered around our tree of thanks. Please note Babucarr's attempts to carve the turkey.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

James Island

This weekend we visited James Island and Juffure village. We followed the path of the slave trade in The Gambia. We started at the Museum, then went on a Roots heritage trail. The Gambia was where Kunte Kinteh was born, he was a slave in Virginia and his ancestor Alex Haley wrote the book Roots. We walked along the Roots heritage trail which was the path the captured slave took, on their way to James Island. The above picture is where Kunte Kinteh lived.

We took a motor boat over to James Island, which was the final departure site for slaves.

The island was 3x the size, but erosion has taken it's toll. At James Island slaves were kept, sorted, then ships were boarded.
This was definitely a heavy day. To physically be where they had suffered, was heart breaking. The guides constantly told us to free our minds.

England abolished slavery in 1807, but that did not mean it stopped. Fort Bullon was built to fight ships taking slaves, and there are cannons along the river bank. James Island still operated through the 1830's. Slaves were told if they could escape and swim across the river and touch the freedom poll at the other side, they would be freed. Many tried, but most drowned. This picture shows how far they had to swim.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Every year at St. Mary's we have a big Halloween party called Hallowgreens. The whole school comes and dresses up. We were all sad that we were missing Hallowgreens, so we decided to throw a party of our own for all the Gambian friends we've met so far. It was a really fun night, and most Gambians had no clue what Halloween was. They were so confused when they walked in to see us all dressed up. Here is a picture of all of the SMCM students in costume. There was coal minors, mother nature, and a ninja! We had very limited resources to make our costumes, and we only planned this party in two days. I ended up being a Tourist on a safari! And what a safari I had! I saw a lion, a dinosaur, and the resurrected Tupac (so that's where he's been hiding!)

Friday, October 30, 2009

So yesterday was my 20th birthday! Kaitlyn was super sweet and bought me a cake!! I had a really great night, they made me cards, and then we had cake. We went out to Fransicos a local restaurant, and then we went dancing. Everyone was really great to make my Gambian birthday memorable, so Thank You!