Sunday, November 1, 2009


Every year at St. Mary's we have a big Halloween party called Hallowgreens. The whole school comes and dresses up. We were all sad that we were missing Hallowgreens, so we decided to throw a party of our own for all the Gambian friends we've met so far. It was a really fun night, and most Gambians had no clue what Halloween was. They were so confused when they walked in to see us all dressed up. Here is a picture of all of the SMCM students in costume. There was coal minors, mother nature, and a ninja! We had very limited resources to make our costumes, and we only planned this party in two days. I ended up being a Tourist on a safari! And what a safari I had! I saw a lion, a dinosaur, and the resurrected Tupac (so that's where he's been hiding!)

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