Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bansang field trip

These are pictures from when I went upcountry to Bansang. Kaitlyn was supposed to come, it was a field trip for Environmental Management, but she fell ill the days before we left. We went there to learn about regional environmental issues. We visited the water treatment facility for the town of Bansang. It was slightly discouraging to see the poorly treated water go out to the village. The water had a high iron content due to the well, and that was being filtered out by sand and gravel. They had the equipment to treat the water with Chlorine gas, to kill the bacteria, but it has been broken and out of use for three years now. It was very interesting to see the Gambian students question the processes and the environmental and health impacts. I hope they will put all the information they have learned into action. We also explored the town and took ferry rides.
Unfortunately Meredith got food poisoning and we had to take her to the hospital and leave a day early. She is all better now, so do not worry. Kaitlyn is also feeling better!

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